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Chartering & Brokering 

Translink International, as a broker, regularly fixing cargoes and ships of all sizes worldwide. We can provide chartering services for all sizes of bulk vessels including handy/handymax, panamax and capsize for iron ore from Brazil/Australia/Iran/India to China and other relevant transport services for steel products, equipments, etc. We deal with ship owners and fix the charter party for voyage charter, short/long period time charter and Contract of Affreightments. 

We specialise in Chinese iron ore trading and shipping. We have direct contact with most Chinese charterers, traders, operators. We offer expertise on market freight rates, vessels movements, market analysis “spot and forward” and port information, especially for China. 

Chartering & Brokering Services 

Voyage Chartering 
TCT/Time Chartering 
Negotiation of rates and contract clauses 
Independent market information and consultation 
All available tonnage coverage & positions world wide 
Constant operational follow up & supervision 
Evaluation of lay time, claims and disputes 
Market report and trends 
Analyzing the voyage performance 
Supervising and Tracking 


Translink International provide up-to-date information on vessel and the market to clients. We have an extensive network of contacts in all areas of the dry cargo market and service a wide range of Owners and Charterers. With our intricate knowledge of tonnage availability and cargo demand we can offer a comprehensive chartering service to any prospective client. 

Translink International concentrated on the dry cargo market, expanding and developing our services to ship owners and charterers in China. 

Translink International fully committed to providing clients and the owners the reliable and professional services in the ship chartering/brokering sphere.
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